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IHOP 10 Favorite Pancakes

Here are 10 favorite pancakes of America that would give those kids a choice to pick. Who can resist those flapjacks with maple syrup dripping down their sides and a huge dollop of whipped cream or butter on top?

Here are 10 favorite pancakes of America:

Pineapple upside-down pancake-Take pineapple rings from can or fresh. Keep the liquid if it is from can to use for the flour. Mix the juice with flour to give a pineapple flavor. Keep the pineapple ring and a strawberry or cherry on top. Now ladle out a scoop of batter and pour it around the piece. You have a delicious pineapple pancake the kids would love.
Banana nut pancake- Use the same pancake method except that you will add pieces of mixed nuts to the batter along with sliced banana to give you a yummy banana pancake. Slice banana and decorate the pancake with it before you pour the syrup.
Blueberry pancake- Another favorite American pancake is the blueberry pancake just like the blueberry muffins. Add a cup of frozen blueberries to the batter to make this pancake.
Ginger pancake- Add a teaspoon of dried ginger and freshly chopped crystallized ginger on the uncooked side to make this interesting pancake.
Oatmeal pancake- The recipe is famous from Marion Cunningham cookbooks. Buttermilk can be added to the batter instead of water. Stir in the oatmeal with buttermilk along with other ingredients. Leave it overnight and make fresh, healthy pancakes in the morning.
Silver oak pancake-This is the typical pancake with 4 eggs in the mix along with sour cream. They are fluffier and taste good too.
Orange buttermilk pancake- Orange zest is added with buttermilk and eggs to the batter to give a special orange flavor that the kids will like.
Buttermilk pancake- This is the typical American pancake with all the ingredients mixed in healthy buttermilk.    
Chocolate pancake- Chocolate pancakes is the favorites of children anytime. Add chocolate powder to the batter and mix in some chocolate chips too and you have a delicious chocolate pancakes that the kids love to eat. Add some cream on top to make smiley pancakes and watch them smile while eating.
Gingerbread pancake: Add cinnamon, ginger, and cloves with 4 tbsp of molasses for sugar and watch the kids enjoying this yummy breakfast.

Try any one of these 10 favorite pancakes of America for breakfast. The children love pancakes and being innovative with it adds to the fun.